In larger companies, there are managers who deal specifically with personnel development and continuing education. In small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this is often a task of the management and is easily neglected on a day-to-day basis because the company's own resources are insufficient, a general personnel development and continuing education concept is lacking, and/or the search for suitable continuing education is costly and often unsuccessful.

Moreover, SMEs in particular have not only had good experiences with continuing education: it is rarely tailored to their needs. Conventional offerings from large education providers often aim to reach as many people as possible in as uniform a format as possible, and to do so in courses with large numbers of participants.... This makes it virtually impossible to adapt content at short notice or specifically to the concrete needs of SMEs in the current situation

Poor experiences of employees with individual training courses then often lead to even less acceptance of the training courses on offer as a result. What is needed, therefore, is an approach that is better suited to the needs of SMEs.

In Agile Learning

  • the contents of the further training come directly from the operational need
  • learning takes place in repeated stages in order to be able to adapt content and learning speed to the needs of the company and employees at any time. In this way, the training is continuously optimized.
  • Employees remain within the company during the training.