Starting point

Technical specialists were to acquire additional skills based on current projects. In addition to project management, this also included dealing with interfaces and overarching functions in the company, e.g. controlling, quality assurance, purchasing.

The following steps were taken

  • First, joint preparation of a study that was equally relevant to all work areas. In the process, the team learned about and used basic elements of project management (including work breakdown structures, work packages, structure and sequence planning, time and cost control).
  • Subsequently, each member worked on a real project from his or her own area. The individual work was synchronized and aligned in the intermediate stops. The team presented their respective work status to each other and gave each other collegial feedback. Coaches provided in-depth technical and didactic input as needed. At the end, the team jointly presented the results of the projects to their superiors - which went far beyond the technical aspects of what they had already done.

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