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The HoWARP project

This website originates from the project "Action-Oriented Continuing Education at the Workplace" (HoWARP). The project works on innovative, agile forms of continuing education in the workplace and is co-funded by the EU under the "Erasmus +" program.

The project goals are

  • Development of a practice-oriented combination of the approaches "action-oriented learning" and "agile learning" for further vocational training
  • Workplace-integrated learning in the company, involving the instructors / trainers / supervisors
  • Orientation towards a direct applicability of Agile Learning in companies.

In sum: The provision and testing of documents, instructions and examples to support the use of methods of Agile and action-oriented learning in SMEs.

Duration 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2022

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For more detailed descriptions and additional examples of Agile learning, see:

Longmuß, Korge, Bauer, & Höhne (2020).